Apple Replaces 'Mac OS X' with 'iTunes OS'

During CEO Steve Job’s keynote presentation at the annual Apple Developer Conference this week, he announced to a stunned crowed, that the forthcoming version of Mac OS X, dubbed “Leopard”, will be the last. Replaced by what is being called ‘iTunes OS’.

Apple ‘iTunes OS’ may be the long rumored cross-platfrom OS some claim will supplant Microsoft’s Windows while saving Apple millions of dollars annually on development, marketing, and support costs.

The first signs of this change can be seen in the Leopard Finder, the sidebar with ‘devices’, smart searches, and the integrated Apple Store make it indistinguishable from the cross-platform iTunes media player.

This surprise “one more thing” hasn’t been well received by the Mac blogging community:

“Overall, it was a disappointing keynote.” – Michael Tsai

“Really cool? Sure. Really useful? Uh-huh.” – John Gruber