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February 7th UX Meetup: The Emperor's New Clothes

Greetings, Fellow UX Enthusiasts and Professionals, A quick reminder that we’re meeting on a different night to accommodate Valentines Day: Monday, February 7, at the Wilde Roast Café, from 6:00p–8:00p. Our theme for the meeting is The Emperor’s New Clothes: Challenging Received Best Practices, Tools, and Standards. There are experts in all fields who promote […]

Adobe Extortion

We recently got new machines at work and so the slow process of reinstalling everything has begun. Around 5 years ago or so, we had purchased Macromedia Studio MX. A few years later, we upgraded to Studio MX 2004. Good enough. I have no real need to upgrade to anything newer. Alas, I ran into […]

Dear whoever is building all these web sites for St. Paul:

I’ve noticed an odd trend in many of the public sector web sites I’ve had to use in the St. Paul region. The MN History Center site…The St. Paul School District web site…various event sites…whoever is building these sites has a passion for session variables as URLs. Please stop. I can’t share links on any […]

The irony of DRM suckitude.

I recently upgraded my Gen 1 to a iPod 160gb Classic. Probably a dumb decision given that I appear to have only about 12 gigs of music. Oh well. I’m a sucker for big numbers. And while it’s nice…it’s also been a huge pain in the ass. The movie  Babel came through our Netflix queue […]

The Wonders of Microsoft Software Integration

Microsoft, Microsoft, Microsoft. A lot of CIOs repeate that mantra. You may ask why. They may answer ‘because it all integrates so well!’ As I plow through SharePoint, I’m sharing in that wonderment. Mainly wondering why it really doesn’t integrate well at all. In fact, I’m not so sure MS software teams really are aware […]

Yes, I swing both ways. Please stop discriminating.

I admit it, I fool around with more than one partner. Sometimes it’s in my basement just us two together alone. Sometimes it’s in public. Sneaking a date at the coffee shop. And sometimes it’s even at work under the harsh flourescent lighting. I can’t help it. It’s just who I am, and so, I […]

Spin Kings

Microsoft Software Support line: Due to the “overwhelming popularity” of Microsoft Office SharePoint 2007 we’re experiencing high support traffic loads and will therefore only work on a 24 hour call-back basis at this time. Ah…so THAT’S where Karl Rove is working now. He took a pay raise write spin for Microsoft.

Infamous for 15 Minutes

My skepticism of customer surveys is an extension of my skepticism of traditional usability studies – both are out of context and not at all customer-centric. Today, customers are far more likely to talk about their experiences with a company on their blog, facebook, twitter, campfire, yelp, amazon, etc – especially those that want their […] Play Guess Your Membership Renewal Rate

Having a couple extra minutes today, I thought I’d renew my Costco membership online. Here’s the process I expected: Click Membership in the top nav of Click on a ‘Renew Now’ button Enter my membership number and a credit card number Get back to work Instead, they made it much more “engaging”: Click Membership […]

Dear eBay: Why do you hate me?

About a year ago, I was burned by eBay. We had purchased an item online only to find out it was a dropshipper that really had no care whether or not any of the items they were selling was actually in stock. As such, he, with the help of eBay and PayPal, held our money […]