Fixing the fixed width design. Again.

A while ago I talked a bit about A List Apart‘s new design and how they chose to go with an incredibly wide fixed-width layout.

A recent discussion on the Webdesign-l list brought this up and the debate ensued as to whether or not it was a good idea. To me, it’s just annoying, so I thought I’d go and fix it.

In the past, I’d write a quick Greasemonkey script. Alas, Greasemonkey is having some growing pains. The current version just isn’t working. So, for now, here’s a bookmarklet for anyone that wants to use it. Just drag it to your toolbar and whenever you are reading an article at ALAP, just click on it to have the content fit your browser. (note that I only tested this in Firefox).

ALAP Liquid <– drag to your bookmarks bar