MinneDemo Summer 2012

Some interesting new developments should be hitting the market in the near future thanks to the hard work of the minds behind the presenters at Minnedemo Summer 2012. I had an opportunity to check it out last night and beyond the sea of faces, drinks and chatting. I witnessed a few of the presentations. Some on their game, some not so much.

RapidEngines brought an up to the second working version of their real-time data analytics engine.  Nested in with the pie charts and bar graphs representing usable data, Twitter’s hiccup yesterday displayed a wonderful line graph which flat-line at the exact moment their servers went down.  Very Nice.

Brewtoad fit right in with this crowd as well. Their slick home-brewing recipe site was not only well organized and throughout but an excellent example of UX design, fully working across multiple mobile devices simultaneously.

Manymo is the next wave of android server testing.  Before our eyes, the project brought up 3 different versions of emulator android machines for testing in a matter of clicks while the traditional input method struggled to keep it in check. Great, if it doesn’t get bogged down with issues by the time they are ready for release.

Did you go? What did you think? Oh and did you score a Canopy freebie?