Pownce.com Bought Some Pretty Dumb Computers

Computers are smart. They can do lots of cool things like tell me it’s my turn to pick up the produce from the CSA or load up an interesting blog post for you to read. Unfortunately, ‘social network’ startup Pownce.com isn’t buying the smartest computers.

They need to be told the difference between a message, link, file, and event.

Jeeeeez. I’m not a computer and I know the difference between those things. A message is words, a link has a clear structure (‘http://’ is generally a good hint), an event has dates in it (same with grandma’s cookies), and a file is a something I upload.

If Pownce.com bought smarter computers, the top of you page might look something like this:

Go Pro, if only to contribute to their Smarter Computer Fund.

John Gruber talked about the difference when he compared iCal to the calendar in 37signals’ Backpack.