Rhode Island Alumni Store

I recently stumbled across RISD’s online store (via speakup). What’s unique about this store is that it only sells products that have been created by RISD alumni. It’s a great way to not only showcase alumni talent, but to visually and immediately explain the broad concept of design and the value of a degree from a school such as RISD. (And, I’m guessing, also provide a bit of free publicity for the designers and also a way for them to give something back to their alma matter).

Granted, the store in no ways shows off any skills in web design…mystery meat navigation, javascript dependant links, etc. But the products seem to make up for that. My favorites include these kids chairs, the obey belt buckle, and the ruler bracelet. I’d link to them. But, I can’t. Again, RISD is a great design school that seems to be lacking a bit in the interactive department. ;o)