Still Broken, After All These Years

A half-decade ago I worked for a wifi startup, tablet pcs were all the rage, and the company was continually exploring “interesting” uses of both technologies. One of those explorations was the Aureole Restaurant at the Mandalay Bay Resort in Las Vegas.

In hindsight, I imagine the project kickoff going something like this:

“What if we put their 3500+ wine list on a flakey, hard-to-use, linux-based, tablet computer?”

Seth Godin will mock us 5 years from now at the Good Experience Live 2006 conference.”

“Totally worth it.”

On a related note, recently the Daily Giz Wiz reviewed 3Com’s Audrey tablet pc. Dick said, he actually didn’t have one because they were so awful – I wonder what he’d say about the SonicBlu ProGear? Maybe something like this.