WorkSpace3: Work Club Startup in Mpls?

This weekend, I got a tip on WorkSpace3 a local ‘work club’/co-working startup here in town.

While the site is currently a little slim on info (like the unfortunate lack of contact info), they’ve laid out the co-working vision for 4 personas.

My initial reaction is cautious optimism.

While their ‘What does it include’ list thankfully doesn’t include Herman Miller furnishings, it’s still 3x longer than necessary and lists items already accommodated by each of the 4 personas already (PC workstations, phones).

In addition, there are a number of reasons work clubs don’t already exist (rent is expensive, my home office is comfortable, the public library is free, etc).

The third workplace is inherently a transitional place – a place to go until. Until the home office is renovated. Until the go-to-the-office habit is kicked.

That said, the big win for a network of places described by the WorkSpace3 vision may be for corporations that want to save pile of money on real estate costs. They send their employees home, put the corporate campus up for sale, and make mini-satellite offices available for their newly nomadic workforce.

The big need locally is a place with:

  • Good WiFi
  • Good Coffee, Beer, and Wine
  • Good Food
  • Space to comfortably hold 150-200 people
  • Lots of different sized rooms for meetings of different sizes (1+ telephone, 2-6, 10-20)

This place would quickly become the hub of not only the mobile worker community, but a fully functioning 3rd place in the community. It’s also the place we’re constantly looking for to host un-conferences.

A couple years back I wrote about work clubs at my other blog.